Boston Pops 4th of July etc.

I watched this on TV for the umpteenth time, having previously watched it live for umpteen years, but this is the first time I realized that the great unwashed masses never had the opportunities that I’ve had.

  1. I never get tired of the 1812 Overture or the Stars and Stripes Forever. When I was a boy, I knew a lot more of Sousa’s marches than I do now. Actually, my knowledge of Sousa had disappeared by the first time I saw it live (some time in the early 70s, I would guess) — I though they were playing the Washington Post March, not the Stars and Stripes Forever. Go figure.
  2. CBS has figured out how to do camera work. They took over the show about 5 years ago (or was it earlier?), and until this year, they apparently thought that we wanted to watch the skyline and the backs of necks. I can’t speak for others, but… They appear to have used a blimp this year, which is the way to go, since you get a good view of the fireworks and from an angle that you usually can’t see. Now if they’d only get rid of Craig Ferguson…
  3. The fireworks itself has improved a lot over the years, and this year’s was the best synchronized I have ever seen.
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